Clean just got a whole new meaning

Get rid of odors instantly. Make surfaces self-cleaning and dirt-repellent.

Experience the difference with nanotechnology maintenance products

from Prebona.

John G.

Car Rental Agency Owner, San Diego, CA
Happy user of Prebona OdorControl

“We have used Prebona OdorControl in our rental cars and are getting really good results. It quickly makes cigarette smell disappear completely. Compared to what we have used before, Prebona OdorControl eliminates the smell and the result lasts. It appears to be an amazing product!”

House Owner

House Owner, Hovas, Sweden
Used Prebona DuraClean to treat concrete tiled roof

”After spending a lot of time cleaning the roof, you definitely want it to stay clean for years and years. Treating it with Prebona DuraClean has done just that to our roof!”


Tenant, Kinna, Sweden
Got rid of cigarette smoke in new apartment using Prebona OdorControl

“Hi! Wow what a difference. No smoke odor. Amazing. Thank you. Best regards Jessica”

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Prebona OdorControl

Eliminates odors immediately

Prebona has developed a new product, Prebona OdorControl, for eliminating unpleasant odors. Unlike most air fresheners on the market today, Prebona OdorControl doesn’t simply mask odors, but rather removes them at the source.

Prebona OdorControl can be used to treat odors stemming from smoke, urine, mold, old food and much more! On top of this, it is also super easy to apply.

Prebona DuraClean

Durable protection against dirt and pollutants

There is an increasing need to protect building surfaces from decay as well as to make them stronger and self-cleaning to reduce maintenance costs. Prebona DuraClean provides an effective and lasting soloution that other methods do not offer.

Use it to treat building siding, roofs, floors, walls and much more! It helps prevent buildup of mold and mildew while making the surface dirt-repellent and self-cleaning. 

Commercial Building
Commercial Buildings
Residential Housing
Before and After Treatment

Prebona Siccol

Class-Porcelain Guard

There is an increasing need to reduce costs for building maintenance including cost for cleaning windows and other glass and ceramic surfaces.

Prebona Siccol provides an effective and lasting means of making windows and other glass and ceramic surfaces self cleaning with the help of water, e.g. rain.

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