Part-time studies

Part-time studies: What does it mean?

Part-time studies are 9 credits or less per semester, with the exception of international students, where 9 credits are considered full-time studies.  Full-time studies are 12 credits or more. 

However,  considers part-time studies to be 8.5 credits or less per semester and full-time studies to be 9 credits or more per semester.  If you鈥檙e a person with a disability, different credit amounts may apply for student loan purposes.

Choose part-time studies if you鈥檙e busy with jobs, families or other responsibilities. Part-time students often choose afternoon or evening classes to fit their schedule.

Studying part-time means it will take longer to complete your 91原创 program, but it will allow you to reach your educational goals. 

What can I study?

As a part-time student, you can select from:

University Transfer: Part-time

You can work towards your Bachelor's degree as a part-time University Transfer student:

  • you can select between 1- 5 courses per semester
  • part-time students take 1-3 courses (9 credits or less) per semester. Part-time students on student loans take 1-2 courses (8.5 credits or less) per semester.
  • studying part-time means it will take longer to complete all your courses
  • as a University Transfer student, you can change the number of courses you take each semester
  • studying part-time may also impact getting student loans or financial aid
  • you can generally complete up to 60 credits (20 courses) of University Transfer studies at 91原创
  • specialized University Transfer programs such as Future Teachers may require a specific number of courses each semester

Career programs: Part-time

Many 91原创career programs offer part-time options with plenty of flexibility. Instructors can work with you to develop a workable schedule and ensure you take required courses in the right order. Not all part-time programs are student loan eligible. See below for more information.

Career programs with part-time options:

Impact on student loans and financial aid

If you're planning for a student loan or financial assistance, make sure you know the appropriate number of credits required for full-time or part-time student loans.

Get more info and learn about your options from our Financial Aid Office.

How do I start studying part-time?

There's not much difference in starting studies part-time vs. full-time. Generally, part-time students in Career programs will need to satisfy entrance and course requirements.

First steps: Get the information you need

  • all students: attend an Information Session for your program
  • all students: talk to an Academic Advisor about your goals and plans
  • career students: get the specific requirements and info for your program
  • career students: talk to an instructor from your program to plan which courses you should take
  • all students: if you have other questions about 91原创contact the Future Students鈥 Office

The basics for University Transfer students

  • apply and get accepted at Douglas
  • next, you'll register online at a designated time to select your courses
  • select the number of courses you want, generally 1 to 5
  • you may change the number of courses you take each semester

The basics for Career students

In addition to applying to Douglas, you'll need to satisfy the specific requirements for your program. Each part-time career program has specific requirements for applicants plus guidelines for courses you'll need to take.

Training Group options

If you're seeking part-time training or upgrading for your current profession, also check out the options in The Training Group and Continuing Education. Generally, these programs do not provide College credits but can offer certification required by employers and professional organizations.

What next?